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Sutrina Unicorn Set Makeup for kids

RM 85.00

🦄Sutrina Unicorn Makeup Set for Your Princess!🦄


*Sutrina Unicorn Makeup Set*

Your little princess loves to look pretty just like when mummy puts on makeup. 😍

This set has bubblegum scent that makes your little ones more excited to explore. It is made from natural and organic ingredients which is safe for kids. Worry no more mommies!

Each set includes:

🦄1 beautiful Unicorn bag

🦄 1 set of brush

💄 2 colors of lipgloss

💋 Loose powder

💅 Blusher/eyeshadow

🚫Paraben free

🚫Formaldehyde free

🚫Dye free

🚫No nano particles

🚫No preservatives

🚫No coated minerals

🚫No mineral oil

🚫 No talc

All natural and safe!

Oppsss we just release 50 sets of this Unicorn collection. GET YOUR LIMITED EDITION KIDS MAKEUP SET NOW!